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Tomorrow’s products are constantly evolving and need to scale with the continuously changing technology landscape. We understand that user experience is critical and that data-driven decisions are the cornerstones of industries. Tismo designs, develops, tests, and deploys software to address the complex challenges of the medical and analytical, test and measurement, industrial automation and IoT fields. 

Leverage our expertise in end-to-end software product development and accelerate your product launch. We provide services ranging from software design to back-end applications development, HMI development, to web and cloud based services 

Our expertise is tailored specifically for Life Sciences, Semiconductors, embedded systems, IoT, networking products and more. We provide end-to-end consulting for software product ideation, launch, and roadmap. Our R&D team continuously experiments with the latest technologies, design patterns, and development methodologies to constantly push the boundaries of technology. Our research provides you with strategic advantages for challenges that require breakthrough solutions.

We build scalable architectures for desktop, mobile and web applications to anticipate evolving business needs. Our design team maps user journeys, defines the user flow, creates a wireframe and develops engaging user experience. 

Navigate the challenges of legacy systems like outdated application structure, inefficient servers, or obsolete user interface designs with the help of Tismo’s software development experts. We re-engineer and modernize legacy software applications, while maintaining data integrity and security. 

Leverage our software product development services and our expertise in product testing to ensure shorter time to market, robustness, and quality.

Desktop Applications

We design and develop fast and reliable desktop applications with rich functionality and modern user-friendly interface for niche segments, including medical, analytical, industrial automation, test and measurement and more. We have rich technical expertise, years of experience and a deep understanding of the low-level desktop operating systems architectures. 

We are experts at modernizing legacy applications and eliminating security and stability issues. We also provide  API development services for the existing software solutions to ensure better connectivity.

Our team is adept at languages and frameworks like C#, F#, WPF, WinForms, C++, Qt and Java. We have experience in creating the custom middleware for app-to-app integration and integration of the web-based application with the desktop solutions.

Leverage our team to develop cross-platform desktop applications with Qt, compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This reduces project delivery time and cuts cost compared to separate development for every platform. We develop applications with access to OS functions such as rebooting the computer, timely blocking access to the Internet, auto-updating applications etc. We also develop sophisticated installers that support automated checks on installation conditions, such as the OS version, user language settings, third-party libraries, previous versions installed etc. 

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous around the world and have become the go-to channel of access. Tismo designs and develops native and cross-platform mobile apps and smart solutions that increase mobility in the workflows of niche industries including medical, analytical, industrial automation, test and measurement and IoT. 

Tismo develops mobile applications that ensure seamless user experience, support for multiple device types, integration with systems and data security. 

Our team is adept at user experience design and incorporates UX principles into the development of apps. We focus on designing and developing applications that deliver value across a wide range of platforms and devices support for multiple device types. Our robust frameworks, tools and test strategies help in thorough testing of the mobile solution.

We build native iOS using Swift and Objective-C languages and develop Android apps using Java. Our team uses Xamarin and React Native for developing cross-platform apps. We have cultivated expertise in digital healthcare and mhealth, IoT and wearables, image and data processing, smart monitoring and remote diagnostics. Our UI developers and front-end software engineers transform your idea into the excellent mobile application. 

Web Applications

Today’s industries rely on customized tools that resolve day-to-day business challenges and nurture productivity. The increased costs, limited customizations and vague data ownership terms of  off-the-shelf software, has paved the way for web applications. Tismo designs and develops custom web applications that are efficient, accessible, and secure.

We build web-based applications to control, configure, diagnose and calibrate sophisticated devices and instruments, across industries like medical, analytical, industrial automation, test and measurement and IoT. High performance, scalable and secure web application architectures are our forte.

We are experts at developing Web HMI, a low-cost HMI solution that provides rich, intuitive GUIs and ubiquitous connectivity to user devices like mobile, tablet, desktop etc., over a web browser. 

Leverage our expertise in web application development to create and improve the software products and solutions with innovative features and beautiful appearance, consistent across all platforms and browsers. We create sophisticated web interfaces and develop robust, stable, secure, and easy to maintain back-end web applications. 

Our technology stack includes the newest technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.JS, Vue.JS, React Native, ASP.NET, Django, Python, jQuery, MongoDB etc. 


Cloud computing is shaping the global business scene. Tismo offers expertise in designing and building scalable and robust cloud based infrastructure. Leverage our comprehensive bouquet of cloud-based services, including advisory, cloud application development cloud integration (on-premise to cloud, cloud to on-premise, and cloud-to-cloud) and migration. 

We have expertise in application development in the cloud and deploying cloud applications using a continuous delivery model, best practices in DevOps, industry standard tools and technologies, with other on-premise or cloud applications. Our cloud migration and implementation services include creating private clouds, migration to public clouds, SaaS enablement, and implementation on PaaS/IaaS. 

Tismo has deep expertise in various cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Eucalyptus, OpenStack and VMware. Our Cloud Enterprise Solutions expertise includes Cloud-based Monitoring and Analytics. 

We employ data analytics on the cloud to monitor device data, analyze machine and system parameters, as well as telemetry data and create contextual alerts. Our expertise is in data collection and analytics, for early fault detection. Leverage our expertise in Python, Java, Apache Spark, Pentaho, Apache Kafka, Logstash etc. We implement sensors on machines that enable data collection. 

Tismo has experience in creating micro-services based cloud architectures, platform agnostic server apps and using core IoT platforms provided by AWS, Google and MS Azure.

We implement interoperable and on-demand scalable cloud storage, compliant to SNIA/CDMI standards. We have built solutions hosted on Amazon EC2 that leverages cloud infrastructure to provide the best analytical solutions in terms of dashboard, custom reports, and data mining capabilities

Our team designs secure communication channels for data to flow between the monitored asset and the cloud. We have experience in Hadoop, MongoDB, as well various traditional RDMBSs for data management. 

Data Analytics

The combination of data and right technology can help businesses transform decision making. We have expertise in developing analytics and business intelligence solutions that enable you to solve your business challenges based on the inferences and insights drawn out of your data. 

Leverage our domain, tool, and data sciences expertise for predictive and prescriptive analytics. We can take care of all your data needs, right from data engineering (real-time data streaming, management of large and varying data sets, data governance and quality), data analytics / AI / ML, BI dashboards and storytelling, and data consulting. Our expertise areas include manufacturing analytics (IOT analytics, critical process monitoring, predictive maintenance) and sales analytics in the domains of medical, analytical, industrial automation, test and measurement, and IoT. 

Our technology stack for data analytics comprises Python, Java, Apache Spark, Pentaho, Apache Kafka, Logstash etc. for data engineering; various Python and R based open source analytics / ML libraries and tools; and data visualization tools such as Tableau, Pentaho, Microsoft Power BI, and various JavaScript based tools. We have experience in all industry standard cloud platforms AWS, Azure and GCP. We also have worked with enterprise data toolsets from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.


  • Software architecture and design
  • Desktop, web, cloud and mobile application development
  • Machine Learning
  • Model based Software development
  • Integration of customer applications
  • Backend and database solutions
  • Graphical User Interface Design


C#, F#, .NET, .NET Core, WPF, Winforms, C++, Qt, Java

Swift, Objective-C, Java, Xamarin, React Native, Flutter

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.JS, Vue.JS, ASP.NET, Django, Python, jQuery, MongoDB, Hadoop

Python, R,  Apache Spark, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Pentaho, Apache Kafka, Logstash

AWS, MS Azure, GCP, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, VMware


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