• Feature Rich, High Quality Software that are easy to Deploy and Maintain

  • Iterative development processes, based on Agile methodology.

  • Contemporary,
    Rich Graphical User Interface Design















In an increasingly connected world, devices are required to be part of the local infrastructure as well as the cloud. Tismo designs system architecture solutions for developing and integrating software on devices, desktops, mobiles and the cloud, by adopting latest technologies.
Leverage Tismo’s capability to design, develop and deploy such solutions for compelling, cross platform user experience.                                                                                                                                                                     tismo_services_software



                                              Desktop Apps

Tismo specializes in developing Windows based desktop applications that interface with devices, utilizing its expertise in Microsoft technologies such as C#, .NET, WPF and WCF.  Whether it is supervisory control of semiconductor wafer processing equipment or analyzing acquired images for vision systems or processing signals from a chromatography system or a spectrometer, Tismo delivers software with state-of-the-art design and implementation methodologies.



Mobile Apps

Rich mobile apps on smartphones and tablets provide users easy and convenient access to your products. Tismo develops these apps that connect to the devices over Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and other wireless protocols. These apps implement features such as remote monitoring, alerts, diagnostics, firmware upgrades, cloud data interface etc.
Tismo’s expertise includes developing native, web, hybrid and cross platform apps on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.





In today’s connected world products are increasingly integrated with the cloud. Provide ubiquitous access to real-time information by hosting applications and data in the cloud. As the remote sensors and devices update the data to the cloud, high performance, scalable web services deliver the information to desktop and mobile platforms.
Tismo develops applications using RESTful APIs, HTML5, Web frameworks on LAMP and Microsoft web technologies.






Systems are architected to be robust and flexible to handle evolving requirements, with applicable design patterns  

The software goes through rigorous testing , including system, integration and regression testing.

Our iterative process enables flexible, transparent and a ‘no-surprise’ product development experience.






New Product Development including R&D

For new product development, we work with you from requirement definition to product release. Layered software architecture are designed and constructed with applicable design patterns. Well documented code will be reusable and maintainable code. Extensive review and unit testing is performed to ensure code reliability. The software goes through continuous and rigorous testing process, including system, integration and regression testing.



Software Re-engineering / Porting / Maintenance / Enhancements

We enable transition of legacy products to the new generation and assist you in migrating to new technologies. By taking complete responsibility of your legacy code, we help you reduce high cost of software maintenance. We help you to:

  • Re-engineer or re-platform legacy code
  • Migration from C/C++ to C# or Java
  • Maintain legacy programs, fix bugs, add new features, periodic test and release
  • Extend lifetime of the application, support obsolete, third-party components



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