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Measurement & Control

Tismo is an expert at computer-based measurement with advanced expertise in technologies for test, measurement, and control. We have worked on applications dealing with pressure measurement, flow meters, fieldbus systems, measuring transducers, control valves, positioners and process controllers.

Utilize our experience and vast technical knowledge to develop advanced hardware systems and software applications to meet the measurement and control challenges of today’s industries. 

We deploy electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and optical control systems to address measurement goals. We specialize in signal conditioning, field applications, telemetry and remote monitoring, hardware design and software development on applications where accuracy, reliability, and performance are crucial. 

Our capabilities start with design, including sensor selection and signal conditioning. They encompass extensive laboratory and field test support, including remote monitoring systems capable of measuring strain, pressure, temperature, displacement, speed, vibration, and more.

We have experience with a variety of instrumentation including strain gauges, pressure transducers, accelerometers, thermocouples, and displacement transducers. Our engineers are experienced in developing and testing operator control panels and monitoring displays, equipment designs for hazardous locations and process automation equipment.


  • System design & integration
  • Design of measurement & monitoring systems
  • HMI/GUI development
  • Data Collection, analysis and reporting applications


Electronics Design: Miniaturization, Low power Circuit design, Design for Intrinsic safety

Firmware Development: Signal processing and analysis, PID control, Real time embedded systems, Embedded Windows, Linux, Android

Software:  C, C++, C#, Qt, .NET Core, WPF

Communication: Modbus, Fieldbus, EtherCAT, HART, OPC, OPC-UA, CAN, Profibus

Case Studies