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Semiconductor Fab Equipment

Tismo brings you expertise in semiconductor equipment products and provides services that address the complete value chain. Our domain knowledge, experience with both front-end and back-end equipment and our deep software subsystem expertise make us the first choice partner for new product development, onsite customization, product sustenance, performance improvement services, for semiconductor fab equipment makers across the world.  Leverage our experience in dealing with FEP equipment from EFEMs to Process Modules in cluster and standalone configurations. Utilize our strength in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Lithography, Wet/Dry Etch systems, Wafer Sorters, Probers and Handlers, Vacuum Transport, ATE equipment, automated component inspection, metrology equipment, etc. to add value to your engineering needs. 

The Tismo team is adept at implementing equipment front-end modules, robotic control, developing imaging & inspection systems and etching & deposition systems. We develop clustering tools, SMT screen printing systems, liquid dispenser systems and pick-and-place instruments for our customers. 

Our expertise is in creating modular software for EFEMs, and software services for semiconductor equipment. We have experience working with many different standard subsystems such as Robots, Loadports, Aligners, Process Modules, SEMI standards, SECS/GEM Drivers, recipe servers, MES interfaces, Predictive analytics and machine vision.


  • Hardware and firmware design and development
  • New software development, re-engineering for wafer manufacturing and semiconductor fabrication equipment 
  • FAB/MES software, tool utilities, facilities automation, and custom automation solutions.
  • SEMI standards implementation, proprietary protocol development, MES, simulator development
  • Software customization, integration, onsite support during commissioning and installation
  • Testing with strong focus on process and tool control, device connectivity, standards implementation, simulator development and testing automation


PLC based systems: B&R, SIEMENS, ABB, YOKOGAWA, etc., Ladder, Block, Structured Text programming, HMI

Windows: C,C++,C#, WPF, WCF, MS-SQL

UNIX/SunOS/VxWorks: C, C++, Qt, Motif, X-Windows

Interface Protocols: SECS/GEM

Imaging & Image Processing: Camera interfaces, OpenCV, Matrox, Coherix

Robots: Rorze, Staubli, Brooks etc.

SEMI Standards: E4, E5, E30, E37, E39, E40, E84, E87, E90, E94, E95

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