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Martin Fowler said “If you’re a technical lead, you need to be coding”. At Tismo, even the CEO codes. Join a strong technical team of passionate engineers.

Tismo specializes in developing embedded software (firmware on Microcontrollers, DSPs,  Linux), desktop based apps (native, web), mobile based apps (native, cross-platform, web) and in designing hardware solutions (electronics design) for embedded systems.

If you are a versatile, customer focused problem-solver and desire to work with a results-driven, innovative team, Tismo is the place for you. Here you will work in a fast paced, cutting-edge environment, rapidly experiment with the latest technologies and you will be part of the complete life cycle of the project.

You will work on IoT projects, Industrial automation projects, Analytical instrumentation projects and Medical device projects. Your work will help many professionals to do their job effectively. Let your work shine, let your work count, let your work matter. Join Tismo.

We're Hiring

  • Program Managers
  • Technical Architects
  • Technical Leads
  • Module Leads
  • Senior Developers (electronics design / software / firmware)
  • Developers (electronics design / software / firmware)
  • Testers
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Team Success – Talent Recruiters, HR

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