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Shankar Velayudhan


Shankar Velayudhan leads the management team at Tismo. He drives the strategy and execution at Tismo, delivering high quality product engineering services to clients in North America and Europe. For most part of his career spanning more than 30 years, Shankar has specialized in building teams & organizations that offer technology services to clients and becoming their long-term strategic partner.

His experience includes setting up engineering development centers in India. Under his leadership, one of the centers grew from a team of 40 to more than 400 engineers, providing services to Fortune 100 clients around the world. Each of these centers was setup to achieve SEI CMM Level 5, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications.

Earlier, Shankar was part of the measurement business unit of Tektronix in India. His mandate was to setup the engineering development center for Tektronix in Bangalore for various product lines.

Shankar’s career started at a premier R&D organization, working on developing advanced technology solutions in the field of distributed control systems and deterministic, high reliability communication networks

Shankar has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Bombay and a master’s in Computer Science & Automation from IISc-Bangalore.

Deepak Hegde

Executive Vice-President

Deepak leads the engineering services delivery for Tismo at Bangalore and ensures that client’s expectations are met. Deepak is a software professional with more than 30 years in the Industry in the areas of embedded technologies, industrial equipment software, network protocols, network security, distributed computing, web application technologies and product life cycle management.

Deepak has led teams of more than 200 engineers managing projects in product development, maintenance and testing in Data Acquisition & Control, Web applications, Mobile devices and Instrumentation. He set up project governance and client engagement structures, which enabled the Offshore Development team members to meet their commitments to clients based in USA and European regions.

Deepak headed the Product Lifecycle Management team at HCL Technologies, which specialized in multi-platform enterprise application development, implementation and customization for engineering organizations. Deepak was instrumental in setting up the Distributed Computing and Network Security team and managed the Offshore Development activities at HP, India.

Deepak started his career with a premier research & development organization working on distributed control systems and embedded applications. He holds a master’s degree in Science from Karnataka University.

Vinod Kumar K M


Vinod heads the Embedded Design business unit at Tismo. He carries more than 30 years of experience in Research and Development, High Technology product development, and Technology services. His expertise in electronics design and the firmware for products, ranges from tiny wireless sensors, to advanced acquisition & control units, to instruments and equipment that run embedded Linux or Windows CE. Aggressive energy management, in software, firmware and electronics, is his forte.

He has created capabilities within the organization for design and development of ground up wireless solutions for integration with COTS modules, for distributed application. He is instrumental in the design and development of new products at optimum price points, with lower component obsolescence risk, ease of testing and manufacturing.

Earlier, Vinod worked at Tektronix engineering development center in the capacity of Project Lead and Hardware Specialist.  He was responsible for creating the electronics design services unit, with full-service design and development capability.  He was part of Tektronix’s Logic Analyzer R&D Team. Vinod started his career in scientific R&D and worked in a premier research institute in India specializing in Laser based and Laboratory Instrumentation and Control.

Vinod’s technical interests are in product and system level design, electronics and firmware. He holds an Engineering Degree in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation.

Venki Venkataraman


Venki heads the Internet-Of-Things business vertical at Tismo. He has more than 30 years of experience in wireless protocols and delivering products, solutions and services to the energy and automation sector. His expertise ranges from smart end devices to enterprise applications that manage a complete system. Venki specializes in delivering engineering competencies that maximize the value for his clients. His experience includes working with product startup companies, accelerating the product development and testing and enabling early market entry.

Venki has experience in setting up competence centers in Internet-Of-Things, Wireless network protocols and Smart Energy. He has provided network protocol stack development services to semiconductor companies on short range, low power, wireless protocols such as ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless MBus, BT LE and 6LowPAN. For OEM vendors, he was involved in building products and solutions for Home Automation, AMR/AMI, Smart Energy, Street Lighting management and Wireless healthcare applications.

Venki spent about eight years in the US working for AOL, Intel and AT&T, in their product development efforts. These included both web-based enterprise applications and embedded technology products.

Early in his career, Venki was part of a premier research organization in India, developing Automation technologies for Industrial applications.

Venki holds a Diploma in Management from UCI, CA and a bachelor’s engineering degree in Instrumentation and Control. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Anna Mammen


Anna heads the Life Sciences division of Tismo. She has over 22 years of experience in developing products that are used in R&D for new drug discovery, Bio-tech instruments and analytical instruments in chemistry. Her core strengths are in managing high technology product development in Life Sciences for global clients. She creates, develops and mentors strong competencies in her team that include software for multi-platform deployment, measurement, control, algorithm development, analysis, visualization and presentation for Life Science instruments.

Passionate about software development, she constantly seeks ways of melding technology with process and people. A strong advocate of automated tools for development, building, testing and deploying, she ensures that her client’s expectations are met in terms of schedule, quality and cost by putting in place strong project management processes and practices in place.

She started her career at Raffles software as a developer in Windows systems.

She holds a master’s degree in science and is a certified Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute (PMI).