Mechanical Services provided by Tismo






  • Aesthetics, ergonomics and reliability, we understand them all.








Tismo transforms yoMechanical Design Engineering and R & D Servicesur product design concepts to realistic, high quality engineering designs.
Tismo’s services range from industrial design, 3D modeling, detailing, simulation, analysis and optimization to prototype development. Design skills encompass form design, material selection, tolerencing, ergonomics, manufacturability, serviceability, optimizations and compliances.

Mechanical Design Engineering and R & D Services

To bring your product faster into the market, Tismo designs and builds mechanical prototypes, integrates them with electronics and performs end-to-end validation. Manufacturability of the product is ensured by working closely with your preferred contract manufacturer and providing detailed designs documentation.
Tismo’s sustenance services include legacy data migration, porting and value engineering.

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