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Web HMI for Industrial Moisture Analyzer


    The Context

    Industrial grade moisture analyzers are used to detect minute levels of moisture in gas or liquid measurement applications. They are critical in industries like hydrocarbon processing, pure semiconductor gases, bulk pure gases, dielectric gases such as those used in transformers and power plants, and natural gas pipeline transport. A leader in industrial gas analysis was developing a moisture analyzer that used a revolutionary measurement technique. Having extensively worked with gas analyzers, Tismo was tasked with the development of the Web HMI for the Industrial Moisture Analyzer.

    The Problem

    The moisture analyzer was designed to be mounted directly on industrial pipes to measure the trace moisture content in gases. The software had to work around the memory constraints of the instrument and the need for low energy usage, while still providing a good user experience. Moreover, the client wanted to control the instrument remotely, using a PC, that provided the same user interface as the Industrial Moisture Analyzer.

    The Solution

    To provide a modern user interface, accessible on the instrument and on a PC, Tismo recommended a Web HMI for the Industrial Moisture Analyzer. It would combine a modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) and universal connectivity to mobile, tablet, desktop etc. to provide accessibility and future-readiness with minimal hardware changes. Web HMI is rapidly gaining ground within the analytical instrument industry, due to its technological and economic merits.


    Architecture diagram of Web HMI for Industrial Moisture Analyzer

    Architecture diagram of Web HMI for Industrial Moisture Analyzer

    The team developed a Web HMI using HTML 5, CSS and TypeScript using the Angular framework. The Modbus protocol was implemented to enable communication between the server hosted on the instrument and the firmware. Users could access the Web HMI over HTTPS, using Ethernet.

    The Web HMI allowed the Industrial Moisture Analyzer series to measure trace levels of moisture in a gas through the use of a quartz-crystal oscillator. The software allowed users to continually monitor the measurement and diagnostic information from up to 8 such moisture analyzers. The Web HMI provided real-time moisture measurements, trend data, configuration and calibration capabilities, alarms and displayed a variety of maintenance and troubleshooting information from the Industrial Moisture Analyzer.


    The Web HMI developed by Tismo supported the following features:

    • Real-time monitoring of up to 8 Industrial Moisture Analyzers
    • Automatic data capture and logging
    • Remote PC, Web enabled interface
    • Remote User Interface updates
    • Smart diagnostic models to identify and react to potential problems
    • History for Alarms, Calibration and trends


    The Tismo team leveraged its experience to deliver a remotely accessible Web HMI for an Industrial Moisture Analyzer. It was developed using HTML 5, CSS and TypeScript on the Angular framework. It delivered a similar user experience on both the embedded instrument and other connected user devices.