Quality Focus

Tismo firmly believes in well engineered solutions delivered on time with quality that strives to exceed our client’s expectations. Our success is measured on how well we meet your expectations.
Well defined, metrics driven processes for engineering and management are critical in ensuring product and service quality.Our processes are ISO-9001:2015  and ISO 13485:2016 certified. We employ domain specific quality and regulatory standards e.g. ISO 13485 standard for medical devices, 21 CFR Part 11 etc, on need basis. Our electronics design services are geared to meet product quality requirements specified by international standards such as IEC, FCC and CE.
Quality is also part of our culture as well. From our engineering team, which gets regularly trained on new technologies, development process and communication, meeting quality standards is our priority.
Our deterministic development processes stem from our top of the line project management processes. These include estimation, planning, scheduling, analyzing & planning for risks, tracking & monitoring, proactive corrective actions, constant communication, defined escalation procedures and regular management reviews.


Technology-Innovation-Systems-Metrics-Optimization (Tismo)
Our engineering capability along with our processes make us a dependable partner for your product development and maintenance requirements.
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