Smart Energy HAN Wireless Network

Project Description

A U.S based company manufactures devices and applications for monitoring and controlling energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings. The system consisted of ZigBee based power sockets, power strips, Thermostats; ZigBee based electricity meter, ZigBee-Wi-Fi Gateway and back-end web application.

The network consists of an in home device with LCD display that communicates with a ZigBee meter, smart sockets, power strips and other smart appliances.

The Dashboard (In Home Device) was built using Cortex-M3 ARM platform and was hosted on Android Linux Platform. The Dashboard had two ZigBee modules. In one ZigBee module, Smart Energy Service Portal (ZigBee Coordinator) firmware communicated with power monitoring/control devices using ZigBeePro protocol. The power monitoring devices had Simple metering profile application and was sending periodic data to ESP. The ESP also controlled thermostat operation using Programmable Communication Thermostat profile commands. The Second ZigBee module had ZigBee Router firmware and was paired with Utility installed ZigBee (Coordinator) meter. The network communication had a built-in security using 128 bit AES key with an optional support for ECC based device authentication. The Smart meter device implemented Pricing, DRLC, messaging and simple metering profiles. The Dashboard collected data from both ZigBee networks and uploaded data to Enterprise Web portal using http/XML communication.

The ZigBee network was validated for large scale network operation using automated test infrastructure. The network was also tested for stability, reliability, robustness and performance expectations. The application was pre-qualified at Tismo Lab with standard ZigBee profile devices. With a deep understanding of the ZigBee protocol, ZigBee large scale network issues and smart energy protocols, Tismo was able to develop the firmware and qualify the product in short time.

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