Portable gas analyzer


Project Description

The problem
An innovation leader in the field of miniaturized gas analyzer sensors and processes required a development partner with complimentary skills in electronics and software, to help develop next generation gas analyzer. The system required to be designed as a core module for multiple applications. The electronics and firmware needed to support complex Data Acquisition and Analysis, multiple connectivity options and low power consumption. It had multiple gas control loops in the process. The instrument had a color LCD with rich graphics based on Windows CE.

A power efficient, highly integrated, multi processor, single board electronics was developed. Modular system design enabled easier upgrades and development of variants. A modern architecture CPU family was used which supports state of the art Operating Systems (Windows CE 6.0) giving flexibility in the firmware design including graphics support. The process, sensor and system development was done by the client, where as the Windows CE Board Support package BSP), Windows CE Application Software, electronics and firmware was developed offshore.

Fast development in parallel with other aspects of the product. Modular platform which can support many variants. Ease of upgradability to give analysis variations supporting multiple end uses.

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