Loop mediated isothermal DNA amplification

Project Description

The Problem
A leading European company needed to develop the control, monitoring and user interface for their LAMP based DNA amplification instrument on the Windows platform.

The Solution
A C#/.NET solution was implemented for this product. C# 5.0’s Asynchronous ( async / await ) features helped provide a robust underlying hardware interface mechanism. Precision monitoring of turbidity and closed loop control of temperatures helped achieve the targeted goals for this instrument.

A rich interactive Graphical User Interface based on WPF/XAML enables the end user to with an easy to use application. The software provided an advanced user the ability to configure almost all the parameters on the instrument, while a basic user could get fairly good results with default settings. A back end LIMS interface was provided using an XML message mechanism.

The development followed Tismo’s standard global delivery model, with an executable software release every two weeks. The GUI was developed using a rapid prototyping model to gain and incorporate feedback from the client’s marketing and sales team members. A continuous build and test methodology was adopted for this development. Jenkins based build tool was used that automated the continuous build and execution of unit tests. All the key modules were tested using NUnit and Moq test mocking framework.

The software developed and released to market, helped this client to achieve business goals for this product.

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