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With an in-depth industry experience in this domain, we understand the need for instruments to be quicker, smaller and smarter. Current trends of smaller sample sizes, shorter turn around, faster analysis, improved selectivity & sensitivity, reduced footprint, remote monitoring and lower costs are propelling innovation in the industry.


We specialize in end-to-end product realization services for analytical and scientific instruments. Our expertise includes developing instruments for industries such as pharmaceutical & drug discovery, biotechnology, medical, environmental sciences and food & beverage and more.


Our services include Software & Firmware Development, Electronics Design, Mechanical Engineering and System Testing. We can ensure that your instrument whether it is laboratory, portable, in-process or miniaturized, delivers data that is accurate, sensitive, stable and precise, i.e. repeatable and reproducible.


By providing security & access control for applications with electronic signatures and audit trails to track the creation, modification, transmission, archival and deletion of data, we can help you comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.


With our expertise in CDS & LIMS, we can help develop, maintain and enhance your enterprise data systems/products which facilitate the management of samples, workloads, resources and assets. We can also interface CDS and LIMS with other applications and instruments.

Our unmatched customer-focus and technology expertise backed by domain knowledge and well-defined processes make Tismo your strategic partner of choice.



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