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Tiny Seed, Mighty Oak (Tismo)


A tiny acorn seed is a promise of life, hope and a fresh, verdant new beginning. It grows into a mighty oak with deep roots and far reaching branches to create a legacy that is strong and enduring. So also are each of us filled with endless possibilities and potential.
Our ability to transform a tiny seed of an idea into a world-class product that is stable, long-lasting and robust like the mighty oak is reflected in our name.
We are a design engineering firm that offers Product Realization Services from concept to end-product. With more than 100 person years of combined experience between the core team, this firm has a very strong foundation.
We are passionate about engineering which is resonated in our strong project management capabilities, our mature quality framework and our responsiveness to your needs. It is this that makes us the cornerstone of your success. The products we develop highlight our technological proficiency, domain prowess and passion for excellence.
Our name also reflects our inherent faith in the vast and limitless power of the human potential. With a development center in the heart of Bangalore, India we give you the benefit of a talented yet cost-effective engineering team. Our Sales offices in U.S.A and Germany make us easily accessible and our interactions seamless.
Leverage our strengths to expedite your product’s time-to-market. We ensure you have a pleasant experience while your products grow into mighty oaks.



Shankar Velayudhan

Deepak Hegde

Vinod Kumar KM

Venki Venkataraman

Anna Mammen

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